Hello, I'm Juanito.

I'm a Tokyo-based software engineer and Rubyist. You can visit my now page to see what I am doing.

I love solving real problems via programming and being useful to other people. I read slowly, think slowly, and learning to think rigorously and be meticulous. I love food and enjoy cooking after work. I spend spare time . , enjoy attending and .

My main interests include spending time researching what food to cook and eat, programming things that helps people or automates my life, reading things on the internet, traveling, cooking, listening to music and , Japan and its culture, connecting people at conference events, constantly thinking about how to be more kind, warm, supportive when working with others, and trying to appreciate each meals and things every day.

My favorite, but not mastered yet, programming languages are Lisp-Family programming languages: Scheme and Common Lisp. My favorite food is (Omakase) Sushi. My favorite city is Kyoto, Japan. My favorite websites are Twitter and Wikipedia.

I was an Electronics engineer and . I grew up in Taiwan. I went to universities in Taipei, Taiwan and Leuven, Belgium to study Electronics Engineering. I speak Mandarin, Taiwanese, and English. I am learning Japanese and Korean. I have learned Spanish, French, Dutch for short period of time before. I do not have Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin accounts.

Juanito Fatas?

It is a name I created. It looks like Spanish or Filipino, but the first name is given by a friend from . My real last name Huang, pronounced similar to Juan in Spanish. My friend and I became close, so they called me Juanito. Fatas is inherited from another close friend at that time. I use this name for too long, it became my identity on the internet.


I am on Editorial team helping maintain by triaging issues, shipping news translations, and site deployment.

Here is my for professional working experiences.


I love getting email. Please send me emails but no spam. me [at] (this domain) [dot] com. You could also find me on or .

Thank you for visiting my site. I wish you a lovely day.