Hi, I'm Juanito. I'm a software engineer.

I love solving real problems via programming and being useful to other people. I read slowly, think slowly, and learning to think rigorously and be meticulous. I love food and enjoy cooking after work. I am using Ruby to help at . Previously I work at and . I spend time . , enjoy attending and .

About me

I've been an and engineer. I grew up in Taiwan, studied bachelor in Belgium. Moved to Tokyo in 2017.

Why Juanito Fatas?

My name looks like Spanish or Filipino, but it's given by a friend from . Because my real last name pronounced similar to Juan in Spanish. My friend and I became close, so called me Juanito. Fatas is inherited from the friend. I use this name for too long, it became my identity on the internet.

What am I doing now?

See my now page.