About Me


I am Juanito from Taiwan and @JuanitoFatas everywhere on the internet (GitHub and Twitter). I moved to Tokyo in 2017. Here I write about things I like: Cooking, Food, Travels, Japan, Japanese, Software Engineering, and Programming.

Juanito Fatas?

It is a name I impersonated. Name looks like Spanish or Filipino, but the first name was given by a friend from Zaragoza. My real last name Huang, pronounced similar to Juan in Spanish. My friend and I became close, so they called me Juanito. Fatas is inherited from another close friend at that time. I use this name for too long, Juanito Fatas became my identity on the internet.

Before Software Engineering

I was an Electronics engineer and amateur translator. I grew up in Taiwan. I went to universities in Taipei, Taiwan and Leuven, Belgium studied Electronics Engineering. Went to Army for a year (Enlisted military service, air force). Learned programming and started working professionally since 2013.

Amateur Translator

In the early days, I was influenced by contributing by documentations first. So I translated a lot of documents. I translated Ruby on Rails Doctrine, Ruby on Rails Guides, Rails Girls Guides, Google Common Lisp Style Guide and a ANSI Common Lisp book. Translations taught me to pay attention to details, proficient in many markup languages, and all sorts of Git techniques.

I like acquiring languages

I speak Mandarin, Taiwanese, and English. I can understand Cantonese. My Japanese is conversational at intermediate level. I was living in a Flemish city Leuven, Belgium for 2 years. I have failed attemps learning Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, and Korean.


This site is running on Ruby on Rails, hosting on Heroku. It's deployed automatically to Heroku as code lands in master branch on GitHub.