About Me


I am Juanito from Taiwan and @JuanitoFatas everywhere on the internet, moved to Tokyo in 2017.

On this website, I write about things I like: Cooking, Food, Travels, Japan, Japanese, Software Engineering, and Programming.

Juanito Fatas?

It is a name I impersonated. Name looks like Spanish or Filipino, but the first name was given by a friend from Zaragoza. My real last name Huang, pronounced similar to Juan in Spanish. My friend and I became close, so they called me Juanito. Fatas is inherited from another close friend at that time. I use this name for too long, Juanito Fatas became my identity on the internet.

Before Software Engineering

I was an Electronics engineer and amateur translator. I grew up in Taiwan. I went to universities in Taipei, Taiwan and Leuven, Belgium studied Electronics Engineering. Went to Army for a year (Enlisted military service, air force). Learned programming and started working professionally since 2013.

Amateur Translator

In the early days, I was influenced by contributing by documentations first. So I translated a lot of documents. I translated Ruby on Rails Doctrine, Ruby on Rails Guides, Rails Girls Guides, Google Common Lisp Style Guide and a ANSI Common Lisp book. Translations taught me to pay attention to details, and all sorts of Git techniques.

I like acquiring languages

I speak Mandarin, Taiwanese, and English. I can understand Cantonese. My Japanese is conversational at intermediate level. I was living in a Flemish city, Leuven, of Belgium for 2 years. I have learned Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, and Korean on my own (because I visited there).


This site is running on Ruby on Rails, hosting on Heroku. It's deployed automatically to Heroku as code lands in master branch on GitHub.