This is my bookshelf. Not completed because I am lazy to type all here. I put up here for some books that inspired me. Books I particularly liked preceded with **, substantially above average with *.

For Magzines. For Chinese books recommendation.

At this point of life, I only read tech / tech related books. I would like to read something else. Please send me your recommendations!

Hey some books are so bad but you...

Books I marked ** maybe the worst book to you, because I read in the time I most needed and got inspired. A book needs to read by you at the right time. Other people‘s best books maybe worst book of yours, because you already read other good ones.

I want to like reading

Velocity of being is perfect for you.

Where to find good books to read?

Other recommendations:

Books I bought but haven‘t finished


If you would like to be an angel of my life, my wish list.

Recommend by friends

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