This is my bookshelf. Not completed because I am lazy to type all here. I put up here for some books that inspired me. Books I particularly liked preceded with **, substantially above average with *.

For Magzines. For Chinese books recommendation.

Reading tips

Think book as an archive of blog posts (except fiction). You don't need to finish the book from beginning to end. The important thing is to truly understand the ideas from the book.

Hey some books are so bad but you...

Books I marked ** maybe the worst book to you, because I read in the time I most needed and got inspired. A book needs to read by you at the right time. Other people’s best books maybe worst book of yours, because you already read other good ones.

I want to like reading

Velocity of being is perfect for you. 121 open letters for young readers.

Where to find good books to read?

Other recommendations:

Books I bought but haven’t finished

Recommend by Podcast

Programming Books

Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns — The content has many good tips of building software these days. The quick reference at the end is quite useful to know the name of many patterns and what are them. Can see many Ruby’s inspirations.


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