Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

  • Without AWS EC2 Key Pair, you can still SSH into your EC2
  • Amazon Linux AMI — Amazon Linux Amazon Machine Image
  • AMI uses yum package installer
  • Dont use Reserved Instances
  • Can consider Savings Plans
  • Not recommend Spot Instances — Because Amazon can recycle your instance at any time
  • Security of EC2: Security Group, VPC and Network ACL
  • Use Security Group to protect your instances
  • Use VPC & Network ACL to protect the network of your instances
  • EC2 Autoscaling can replace unhealthy instance
  • EC2 Network throttling

EC2 Instance Types

Shopping Guide

Choose Your EC2 Instance Type Wisely on AWS by Percona

Understanding Type and Size

// Example: t3.large, m5.2xlarge


Possible value of Types

Possible value of Size

  • nano
  • micro
  • small
  • medium
  • large
  • xlarge
  • 2xlarge
  • 4xlarge
  • 8xlarge
  • 10xlarge
  • 12xlarge
  • 16xlarge
  • 24xlarge
  • metal