Design Content Tips

Warning: I am not a designer.

These are random tips I collected on various websites.

I’ve been trying to improve and learn some web design skills. Here are some impactful tips with least amount of efforts.

Font weight comes in 9 styles

100 Ultralight
200 Thin
300 Light
400 Regular
500 Medium
600 Semibold
700 Bold
800 Heavy
900 Black

Try to use few of them, 3.

Make Important things stand out

Make it Bold. Create a color difference.

Use 3 colors

Too many colors become hard to manage code-wise and confuse your readers. I’m still trying to refactor this blog. I’m sorry!

Using em, rem for font-size

They change dynamically!

Unitless Line Height

1.5 - 1.7 is good for paragraph text. Line height is too small is easy to read the same line again. Tighter line height is better for headlines because font is already big!

line-height: 1.5

Wrapping Text

Wrap your text in about 50-80 characters. Too much horizontal movements for people's eyes are not good.

Be Consistent

Build Taste

Visit websites that is design nice. Use things in life that has nice design. Build taste to reject ugly things.