Design Content Tips

These are random tips I collected on various websites.

I‘ve been trying to improve and learn some web design skills. There are two changes I found that is probably going to be impactful with amount of efforts.

Font weight comes in 9 styles

100 Ultralight
200 Thin
300 Light
400 Regular
500 Medium
600 Semibold
700 Bold
800 Heavy
900 Black

Make Important things stand out

Make it Bold. Create a color difference.

Use 3 colors

Too many colors become hard to manage code-wise and confuse your readers. I‘m still trying to refactor this blog. I‘m sorry!

Using em, rem for font-size

They change dynamically!

Unitless Line Height

1.5 - 1.7 is good for paragraph text. Line height is too small is easy to read the same line again. Tighter line height is better for headlines because font is already big!

line-height: 1.5

Wrapping Text

Wrap your text in about 50-80 characters. Too much horizontal movements for people's eyes are not good.