Using Fastmail

I have no problem with Gmail since nowadays I check less often and keep inbox zero every day.

I pay for fastmail for no Ads and the ability to send mails from my domain. DNSimple can only give me a custom email to receive, but not sending.

However, I found some things are difficult to use Fastmail.

  • Cannot use Google Hangout anymore. To hangout with someone, I still need to use my Gmail. Which is weird I talk to someone from my custom mail but need to hangout with them from another email.
  • The calendar is not as good as Google‘s. I am in Japan but the default timezone set to America/Los_Angeles? I missed the ability to set a secondary timezone. And I don‘t understand what‘s the use case for Floating time for.
  • The link cannot easily check if it‘s working. I command K and forgot to actually add a URL. With Gmail you can click the link. Fastmail requires I need to relink again.
  • Cannot linkify text on mobile