Job Descriptions

I‘m still figuring out how to write this, in the meantime, check: It’s high time to rewrite the hiring script.

Underrepresented people self-select out when they look at job descriptions. It is true nobody hits the ground running but many people will not apply if your job description are too restrictive.

Let‘s look at examples on restrictive job descriptions.

Ask for a CS degree

Bachelors degree in Computer Science, similar technical field of study

Why do you ask for a CS degree in first place? What qualifies similar technical field of study? All people played Counter Strike before.

Years of irrelevance

5+ years of professional software development experience

Someone who does the same thing over and over again for 5 years is very different than someone who worked on a lot of different things.1

Someone who can do all things

Experience with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, React, Redux
Experience with modern Javascript/ECMAScript, Spree/Solidus
Experience with Azure, AWS, Heroku, or similar IaaS or PaaS providers
Experience with data streaming platforms like Apache Kafka

Naming specific tools to find someone who checks all or most are impossible.

Great job descriptions

  • Clearly communicate the responsibility
  • Explain what they will actually do
  • How much they would get paid

Great job description examples: