Life is Short

Today I felt very tired. I have been working for 10 years. I have learned to live well is pretty hard. My time and energy are all spent on:

  • Try to do job well at work
  • Maintain some sort of social life
  • Exercise 3+ times a week
  • Eat within control and try to stay healthy
  • Cook some meals in the week
  • Get 7+ hours sleep each night
  • Creative endeavors: Writing
  • Try to contribute to Open Source
  • Keep living environment clean
  • Learn something new

I don’t know how any adult has energy after these. But still, I see many people are spending time/energy:

  • Office/Community Politics
  • Gossiping
  • Look down others
  • Argue with people
  • Hatred news
  • Violence

I don’t want to hang out / engage with any of these activities. So I never argue with anyone on the Internet. Recently twitter has been showing me more and more of the things I don’t want to see. Maybe I’ll pull the trigger someday.