Since I am from Taiwan. Friends visit Taiwan often ask for my recommendations (thanks for visiting), so here we go.

  • Buy a data SIM at airport requires a passport and your local ID of your country
  • My limited food recommendations for Taipei (Custom Google Map)1
  • Try authentic chinese and western breakfast
  • Drink boba / bubble tea / tapioca
  • Try local food in Taiwan2
  • Go to Night Markets
  • Convenience Stores are everywhere and really convenient3
  • The scooters buzz around the streets in the night... Sorry.
  • Figure out what Für Elise song is for in Taiwan and send me an email
  • Keep Receipts to win the lottery
  • Visit NPM HQ, don‘s miss the pork and cabbage
  • Jiufen is not the inspiration of Spirited Away (still nice to visit)4
  • Yangmingshan National Park to see live volcano
  • A lot of mountains over 3000m to hike

I hope everyone you meet will help you out of their way without asking anything in return. Otherwise, send me email for any question:

me [at] thisdomain.com


  • 1

    Updates sporadically since I am not living in Taipei anymore. It has breakfast, cafe, food, massages, desserts, beverages, and fancy dining.

  • 2

    Western / exotic food are comparatively expensive / inauthentic

  • 3

    They handle everything, and you can even use computer there with Free WiFi.

  • 4

    Hayao Miyazaki also denied this connection.