I also have use post for everything I’m using other than hardware.

More like what things I bought, not really a setup...

Dyson HP07BN. It is surprisingly how bad air could get if you closed window and sit in the room for few hours.

Using laptop: M1 Max MacBook Pro (late 2021) with 32GB Memory. If I get another one, I will get the maxed out MacBook Air for its mobility and weight due to my body pain.

See my notes for Mac.

FLEXISPOT E6. It has memory function to remember your standing preference. Easier to assemble compared to previous generation. Very stable. After a year, when it goes to memorized low position (< 65cm), it does it too fast that accidentally triggers the safety motion detection.

After years of use, the electric control of desk is a bit junky. Sometimes it incorrectly triggers the safety motion detection. The trick is to let it stablize for a minute then use the up/down function again. Or put many heavy things on the desk.

Cosm High-Back, Leaf Arms. Timeless design. The Leaf Arms can enable you go closer to your desk. No adjustments need. Easy to move. This does not require any setting or adjustment. It embraces you and the looooooook, the leafy arm. OMG, I am going to sleep on this chair. Easy to clean.

Bauhutte 160x130cm. BCM-160F. The dyson does not really like this, it stuck so needs to put in one place then swipe to vaccum out dusts.

Pro Display XDR. 7.5kg.

Standard glass (easy to clean), VESA mount with monitor arm.

Connect via Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable.

Flo Monitor Arm. It is very stable with Pro Display XDR. But it cannot go higher enough I was hoping to. Monitor Arm is amazing to claim some more space from your desk.

BALMUDA The Light. Sort of like natural light. This has a ForwardBeam Technology, so I can adjust it to expose some light on my face if I need.

Logitech Brio 4K. It works pretty well.

Connect by USB-C.

PFU HHKB Professional HYBRID Type-S 日本語配列/白 PD-KB820WS

HHKB Hybrid Type-S—S means Silent. It is not as loud as other mechanical keyboard. I like the typing feel. It is soft. Also I want a Japanese layout mechanical keyboard.

Connect by Bluetooth.

It’s healthier than using Trackpad.

MX Master 3. Acurate and super fast.

Connect by USB Unifiying Connector.1

I dont use it anymore.

10% of the time. I only use when I am preparing presentations because the need to enlarge objects.

Magic Trackpad 2.

Connect by Bluetooth.

Rode NT1 + AI1 on PSA1 arm. The reason I get arm is mostly for reducing cables / reclaim spaces on the table.

AirPods Pro 2 — The suck in active noise cancellation is simply magical.

If you encounter AirPods Pro Rattling Noise, get a replacement.

Connect by Bluetooth.

Bose Soundbar 500. Pretty and comes with a nice mobile app. Amazing sound quality. Remove Voice Assistant.

Bluetooth usually has 0.5 second delay and if you paused the video to let it catch up, it is fine. Consider connect via a physical interface. I dont recommend but I already got it.

Connect by Bluetooth.

CalDigit TS3 Plus Dock. This one rules all additional ports and 87W power is passing through.

Make sure your macOS is Catalina 10.15+ and install the firmware update. If your mac is 10.15.4 and you stuck updating firmware for CalDigit TS3 Plus, try another mac that is < 10.15.4, and follow above guide accordingly.

iPhone 13 Pro 512GB. I used to have the Max version but it is definitely too big and I got a camera so I dont need to go for the Max for the camera. Back to something smaller for the health of my hands but the 13 Pro is really square, the edge is not as smooth as 11 Pro Max. Still getting use to it. The camera app has weird transitions (screen flash?).

BOOST↑CHARGE™ PRO. Both iPhone and the AirPods case can attach too.

Buying a wireless charging pad is so good. Grabbing the cable and charge your phone is not a big deal. But the cable and few times in a day adds up. Now you only need to put your phone on the stand, then it’s charging. This is very slow though, like, really really slow.

Rechargable Panasonic batteries — eneloop series — This is for my HHKB keyboard.

They are 1.2V batteries. So may not be able to power something that needs 1.5V.

Panasonic 単3形単4形ニッケル水素電池専用急速充電器 BQ-CC85
to charge batteries for HHKB, weight scale, temperature meter

For COVID...


BUFFALO CAT8 BL8TS10BL (1m) / BL8TS20BL (2m)

Buffalo WXR-5950AX12. This is the only one that has WAN 10Gbps (for fiber in) and LAN 10Gbps (to your computer). Successor model: WXR-6000AX12S.

Leica Q2.

See iPad Air 4.

Roost V3.

ELECOM sells adapter.