Ako Suzuki is Great

僕昔の日本語先生 Ako Suzuki 様ご紹介したいと思ういます。

I first found Ako Suzuki sensei on Twitter. She constantly tweets interesting/informative piece of Japanese, that related to what’s happening in Japan.

Or hilarious tweets like this:

Or JLPT related tweets. If you just follow her on Twitter, you get a lot out from her wonderful tweets.

I had two private Japanese teachers before Ako sensei. All my lessons are 1:1 or 1:2 (1 teacher, 2 students). What distinguishes Ako-sensei from other teachers is the meticulousness and attention to details.

She pays close attention on what you say. She lets you finish my could-not-be-more-wrong sentence, then correct it in a way you do not feel bad. She will soon learn where your level at, and give you words / grammars according to where you’re.

She teaches a diverse set of students, many of her students are also in tech, so she knows what you’re saying. She is also compassionate and empathetic for people coming from different culture.

Her teaching style is also different. She would let you study beforehand and go through the exercises to make sure you actually learned. Other teachers do the teaching on the class which is time consuming and not very effective.

It’s like you have to hear the status updates (the thing you need to learn from a class) during the meeting. She prepares reading materials out of real news. She listens to you reading the news and improve your speaking. She makes quiz out of the news in next lesson.

I wrote this post because she is suffering from Impostor Syndrome:

This is her website: Ako Nihongo Lessons and please support her patreon:


Finally I want to say Ako sensei you’re great, keep doing what you are doing!

Best :heart:,