πŸ“ž Need a Reservation
πŸ–₯ Online Reservation

What to do


  • ηŒΏη”°ε½¦ηˆη² ζ΅ζ―”ε―Ώζœ¬εΊ—




These yakiniku places need a reservation to visit:

  • δΊ€ζˆΈγƒ›γƒ«γƒ’γƒ³ 恡比寿店 πŸ“ž for intense yakiniku
  • 焼肉チャンピγ‚ͺン ζ΅ζ―”ε―Ώζœ¬εΊ— πŸ“ž for great quality meat (also available in Haneda airprot)
  • ζ΅ζ―”ε―Ώη„Όθ‚‰γ†γ—γ”γ‚γƒγƒ³γƒ“γƒΌγƒŠ γƒ’γƒ«γƒˆγƒƒγƒ—εΊ— πŸ–₯
  • うしごろ 貫 ζ΅ζ―”ε―Ώζœ¬εΊ— πŸ–₯

Lunch and dinner

  • ι¦™γ‚Šε±‹ for Soba
  • γ‚‰γ‚“γΎγ‚“ι£Ÿε ‚ for fried chicken
  • 恡比寿焼肉 kintan πŸ–₯
  • 瞠 for Abura Soba (soupless ramen)
  • うどん山長 恡比寿店 for Udon
  • Burger Mania Ebisu
  • AFURI 恡比寿 for Yuzu ramen
  • 函逨ラーパン γ—γŠθ²« for Clam ramen
  • ε†™ηœŸι›†ι£Ÿε ‚ γ‚γγŸγΎ
    Immerse yourself in a design nice cafe in photography (5000+ photography books) and food. They offer set menu.
  • L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele Ebisu
    The Japan branch from the same pizza shop in the movie Eat, Pray, Love.
    Their Β₯1980 lunch set is no joke.