おみくじ are fortunes (運勢(うんせい)) written on strips of paper at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples.

Usually you can pay ¥100 or ¥200 to know get a strip to know your fortune.

The fortune paper will be given a number

No. 57 (第 57 番)

With the following indicate which state you are...

  • だいきち
    In Great blessing

  • きち
    In Blessing

  • ちゅうきち
    In the Middle of Blessing

  • しょうきち
    In a Small Blessing

  • すえきち
    In the End of Blessing

  • まつしょうきち
    In the End of Small Blessing

  • きょう
    In a Curse

  • しょうきょう
    In a Small Curse

  • はんきょう
    In Half Curse

  • 末凶
    In the End of Curse

  • だいきょう
    In Great Curse

Bring home with you.


You could try again up to 3 times. If still a curse, you can bind them on a designated area (おみくじ(むす)(どころ)と).


So God could bless your curse.

Usually if you search the shrine name and the number of your fortune, you could find a English translation.