All the Point Cards

When I came to Japan, I do not want or wish to have any point card. I gave in, now I have "a few" ポイントカードs...

  • Tポイント

    Everywhere you go, when you pay, staff will always say Tポイントカードお持ちないですか like they're a pre-programmed robot. They really say it every single time. I got one and hand with the money to pay, so they will never ask again.

    Online reservation, FamilyMart, Tsutaya shops.

  • JRE Point

    atré. Can use in all the JRE buildings (stations).

  • WAON for Peacock supermarket

    5% off sometimes.

  • LaCuCa for LIFE supermarket

    I got them so I can use the grocery delivery service, also 1 yen back for every 100 yen I spent!

  • SMBC Credit Card Points

    It's great. I have redeemed actual useful, good stuff from their program. I remember before expiry, they send money voucher to me that equals to my points!

  • DAIMARU Matsuzakaya Point Card

    Daimaru Departmentstore.


    Tokyu Supermarket.

  • OZ cashback card

    For おおぜき supermarket.

  • Indie Cafe Point Cards xN

  • Indie Shop Point Cards xN

  • A centeralized app to rule them all
  • Just cash back right away