Reservation Services in Japan

The need for a reservation is even more serious in Tokyo because 36 million people live here. Slightly good restaurant is always full in the dinner time. Reservation at a very good restaurant usually take weeks, months, years, some of them is members-only. You can’t even get in, walk in is nearly impossible.

A reservation here means commitment. Commitment that you’ll show up within 15 minutes. A commitment of your phone number, a no show no contact may result in your phone number in the deny list of restaurant network. Some good restaurants you have to pay part of the meal or at full price beforehand. A lot of good places you would need to book 3+ month ahead with a commitment that you will definitely go there.

What kind of services you can use visiting Japan?

If you stay at a 4+ star hotels, they can usually reserve restaurants for you.

Top luxury restaurants.

Top restaurants.

You can reserve The God of Tempura: みかわ 是山居 on this platform.

You need to be a Japan Resident and premium member of Tabelog.

You need to be a Japan Resident.

Another choice to find some restaurants.

You need to have a Japanese Phone number and Japanese skills.