I used to be afraid of fish and seafood in general. After moved to Japan, it was because the food I got in the past just wasn't fresh compare to ones in Japan.

If you go to a Omakase1 sushi place (sushi bar), I have some tips.

  • Do not wear strong perfume
  • No soy sauce or wasabi required, it’s already prepared
  • You can use chopsticks or hand
  • Eat right after served2
  • It’s 70% about the rice, 30% about the fish
  • A high-end (Omakase) restaurant, everything is prepared (incl. soy sauce & wasabi)
  • Great places do not do cheap lunch, because their pride as craftsman would not allow them to sell food with less quality
  • Great places are small (table of ~ 10 people) because that’s the maximum a chef can serve with so much dedications

For conveyor belt/chain sushi restaurants. Check Sushi Chain Recommendations.

Check 鮨ネタ for the japanese of different types of sushi.