Tokyo Accommodation

There is really no downtown of Tokyo. My downtown of Tokyo would be the inside of Yamanote line. You should live close to Yamanote line stations

People frequently ask me for accommodation recommendation, following are decent places I’ve stayed or hear good things.

(¥10000 JPY ~ $95 USD)

Hostel with Design

Budget Business Hotel

  • Toyoko INN - low budget narrow hotels everywhere (ft. free breakfast)

Business Hotel ¥10000-¥20000

I much prefer Mistui Garden hotels. Public bath is the Japanese experience. They are one of the first hotel I've seen that improves the tattoo situation).

Enjoyable Hotel ¥20000-¥30000

Luxury Hotel ¥50000 ~

On my list

  • Bar Hotel 箱根香山
  • Wired Hotel Asakusa