Loyal Customer

I’m such a big fan of being a loyal customer. I have a goto rice shop, coffee roaster, hair dresser, an omakase sushi place, etc. I’ve grown the habit of finding a goto shop, have I became boring?

It is just so relax that there is no need to go into the stranger first-customer mode. Cut all the well-meaning gestures. I can just go and relax, enjoy the service, and everything got done so quickly by my preference. Sometimes extra service.

Today I went to a Cafe. The barista poured me some of her practice work, and ask me to taste for her. I can make an appointment with my hair dresser through instant messengers without making a phone call. When things really need, she could cancel on me and I could cancel without any problem. A coffee roaster always give me extra 50g more to try something new.

These places may not be the cheapest option, but I enjoy.

Being loyal is awesome!