Resourceful People

I think resourceful used to have good meaning in the version Derek described. Now it ties to hustle because of entrepreneurs 🙄

But I do see many resourceful people. They are everywhere. In every service industry, I often find some people are outstanding. That waiter always remember what you like and recommend you things exactly you like? That shop staff help you quickly find exactly what you want? That person in that shop speaks to you in such a good vibe?

They are so resourceful! But themselves do not think that way. They are in the shoes of their customers and being empathetic to try to find a way to help them.

I once in Florence on a tight schedule and experienced a really nice dining service. That waiter from order to finished, was so considerate. When I first told her I had to leave in this time. She remembered. When I ordered something and she looks worried and look at her watch that this may not be possible given my time. She saw me eating on the halfway and told the kitchen to prepare my dessert now. This is a normal restaurant, not anything fancy.

It is examples like this connect people to resourceful for me. Not current resourceful in entrepreneurs world that they need to get the most out of everything, find any crack in everything with hustles in order to achieve whatever.

Being resourceful. No leverage!