No Abbreviations

Avoid abbreviations or acronyms because when company gets bigger. Every team speaks different languages. A new employee would need to know 1000 abbreviations just to function properly. That’s not good and you don’t want that. Instead you could set up autocomplete of keywords on macOS.

For example:

In the case of HABTM vs HMT, you will be using a join table for lookups in either case. If you took a BT and prematurely made it a HOT, you would be using that join table when it might not actually be giving you anything of value.

You may understand the jargons here that HABTM means has_and_belongs_to_many, HMT means has_many :through, BT means belongs_to, and HOT means has_one :through. But for new comers it is a huge huge barrier. So I suggest we do not do this.