Every night when I’m alone in my room. Although in a dense city like Tokyo, I can feel the tranquility of the city. I’m alone but not lonely. Then this word, calm, keep poping up in my mind. I do not really like noise. I had bad memories from people yelling to each other, so I do not like people yelling at each other. I think being angry is a disease.

After working in a huge company with rapid growth, sometimes it’s crazy at work. I can feel the stress is slowly killing me. I really dislike the hustle culture. Part of the reason maybe because I’m getting older. I really want and like to be around with calm people.

I don’t really have ambitious goals for life. Sometimes I just want to do nothing. I don’t want to change the world or do the next big thing. I’ve been doing web development for few years now. I just want to earn enough money to pay rent and eat food. Travel few times a year. Buy books without hesitations. Keep living life and learning. Hopefully learning helps to do my job well, be able to grow in company in a sustainable pace.

I am learning how to get to both physical and mental state of calm. Hopefully I can come back here with practical tips. A calm person in difficult situation is much better compared to a person always hustles and being angry.