Coding Interviews

How coding interviews evolve:

  1. Whiteboard interview without internet
  2. Whiteboard interview with internet
  3. Whiteboard interview with internet and informed prep. materials beforehand
  4. coding interview (1 interviewee, 1 interviewer) in Google doc
  5. coding interviews in cloud coding platform
  6. coding interview in cloud coding platform and informed prep. materials beforehand
  7. Take home exercises
  8. Take home exercises within 8h (paid)
  9. Take home exercises submitted before given date (paid)

I have been through 30+ interviews, and no company is doing things beyond 10. All companies all prepared with well-narrowed questions that looks for the perfect answer.

Some twitter threads shows why Coding Interviews do not work:

Coding interview does not work. Interviewer should:

  • Decide what to look for given a role
  • Ask same questions and prepared how to score each question
  • Talk in depth with the candidate about past experiences, projects
    • What exactly you built, dig into details

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