Cold Email

Send email to someone you don’t know.

I did not really experience the power of cold email / email first. I was focus on getting my SNS profile better in early life. But email is far more powerful.

Facebook you can’t even befriend with people you want to. Instagram you could follow, but their public account is not their real account. Twitter is the only SNS you could follow them, and engage with them in public. But you can send emails to anyone if you know their email, and most of intersting people have their email open in the web.

Great people read their own emails. Great at responding to you if you keep your email short and concise. They are always interested in what interesting things you do. Try send emails to people you like.

Make sure to keep your mail few paragraphs at most. Say who you are. What you want to ask. Optimize for only 1 decision they need to make reading your email. Because they’re probably reading your email in a hurry (on the way to work, waiting for someone).