Computer has too many problems

I want to share each day, what kind of computer problems I encounter/struggle. I am using a maxed out MacBook Pro 2019 16" / iPhone 11 Pro Max:

  • Mouse pointer disappear for few minutes after mac being woke up
  • Mouse scrolls up a little by itself sometimes
  • Video call, one of them will not connected correctly: Microphone, webcam, Speaker
  • Monitor degraded to 30Hz and need to restart computer
  • System volume lose control of Bluetooth speaker
  • One of web service just started failing only on Pull Requests
  • A web service must use every day has many little issues that is hopeless for upstream to fix
  • Your keynote presentation is broken after software update
  • PostgreSQL master process disappears
  • MacBook Pro always fanning at max speed when I need to be quiet (Doing it over a video call. Always fanning in the end of yoga session when I need to meditate)
  • At somepoint you need to reboot the system otherwise everything is just janky
  • Computer watching a video says something close to Hey Siri (and I have Siri disabled) and it automatically switches my audio to AirPods Pro
  • Somebody says Hey Siri and my phone decides to listen
  • Phone tries to connect to a WiFi that I never connect before that stops my listening
  • Taking a photo the iOS cannot recognize the orientation right
  • Need to enter password twice to unlock phone
  • AirPods auto disconnect in crowded location
  • Firefox cannot use emoji keyboard
  • System Emoji Picker gets stuck and need a full OS reboot
  • Bluetooth devices auto disconnect every X hours
  • Some apps crashed on macOS and cannot be opened again without restart computer
  • AirPods Pro refused to connect when you need

I am laughing after I ragely typed out all these problems. So many problems.

I am so powerless.

I am so so so tired.