Eating out tips

To make each meal count! A day only has three meals.

  • Great food != expensive

    Remember your family/friend/grandmother's meal?

  • Order things you usually don't like in good places

    You do not like them because bad places cook them wrong, give them a try.

  • Go to the countryside, small villages to eat

    Where life is authentic, likely found authentic food.

  • Be nice to waiters (but really be nice to everyone)

    They will tell you honestly what is good/bad. Usually, they are friends with Chef. The owner also trust them and will be more friendly if the waiter says you're a good customer.

  • Read reviews, study the menu

  • Trust local review sites, remain skeptical.

    Tabelog for Japan, Yelp for US, TripAdvisor and Google Maps.

  • Customers know the boss
  • Staff all speak local languages

  • Look touristy, eat where the locals eat
  • Posting crappy pictures (in general pictures) outside the restaurant
  • We have multilingual menus!
  • They have all kinds of food from every region
  • They also provide food from all over the world
  • Not serve local cuisines
  • Do not eat at places that menu has no price (unless you know)