One thing I have been thinking about recently is that it’s very hard to recommend anything online. Someone or some product I recommend now may become such a bad thing in the future, but I am not informed and folks may think I supprot their wrong doings.

For me, I always have this idea that we can always learn something out of anything. People are constantly changing. Your state of you are constantly expiring. The me in 17 is not the same as me in 23. Our past is constantly expiring.

But people tend to refer people with their greatest achievement, but someone may already move on with that achievement.


We’re constantly expiring. My visa expires in 2 years. The tofu is expiring next week. The milk is expiring in 2 weeks.

What we like is not true 6 weeks later. A thing I said in 23, is not true in 32. Something I recommended, may not be true today.

We’re all growing.
We’re all learning.
We’re all evolving.

We’re all expiring.