Good Interviews, Bad Interviews

This is from interviewee’s prospective.

  • Spell our names right1
  • Let us know the next step as soon as possible
  • Apologies immediately after mistakes2
  • Reject us fast and early

What’s good? The recruiter using a service for me to choose a time from many options. It avoids a lot of back and forth, especially if you’re hiring globally (timezones).

Recruiters should use Calendly (or other services alike) to schedule the interview with you. See it in action here.

What’s bad? Asking me to send a couple of times available.

After phone screening, we may orally agreed for next interview. A good recruiter will send you a follow-up email / calendar invite.

Never ask as to give a exact number for expected compensations.

What’s good? They share the interview questions for you beforehand and let you choose the best technology you’re familar to solve the problem.

What’s bad? Vague feedback like: This piece of code is not senior enough.

What’s good? If they received, read, and share concret feedbacks.

A good company would cover all expenses upfront. Book you a flight that let you arrive in a reaonsable time. Nicer companies will give you an extra day to adjust, and let you stay for the weekend.

Each passing day here is a mental stress for us (at least for me).

  • 1

    I had experiences after 2nd round of interview, the recruiter finally spells my name right. Although I gave many hints already.

  • 2

    I’ve received an email asking for scheduling an interview address to me but actually for another candidate. I had to remind the recruiter that the email sent to the wrong person.