How many books can you read in this life?

I’m a average person that is 30-ish years old. A book takes me 2 weeks at best to finish (Take into account sometimes I got busy, I got lazy...). I can live up to 88 years old. 58 years is about 3000 weeks. I probably could read 1500 more books in this life. Also you will reread books.

1500 books! Now I rethink about reading a book. Hmmm if I read this book then I only have 1499 to go. There is a trick that if you read to page age (page 30 if you are age 30) and it still does not click with you. Move on.

Theodore Roosevelt (26th president) read tens of thousands of books in his life.

Giovanni Pico della Mirandola read all books ever published in his time in 15th century.1

Patrick Collison has 778 books posted on his bookshelf page but he probably reads more.

David Heinemeier Hansson finished 20 books in 2019.