Internet in Japan

Internet in Japan divides into "Cable Provider" and "Service Provider". If you live in a Aparto / Mansion (Apartment), you will need to talk to your management company in order to get a fiber internet. Because fiber internet need some minor construction and your management company will probably say no and your building already has a established service provider that you as an outliner will need to pay the price of construction.

  1. Apply
  2. House Inspection (1-2 hours)
  3. House Construction
  4. Start using Service

1-4 costs about 1.5 month and ¥10000-¥30000 (usually has a plan to split the money into monthly bill / cashback, so basically free).

The Cable Provider are from Telephone Company, Electricity Company, and Television Company. They reused their existing infra and pull fiber to your house.
Telephone: NTT Group
Electricity: KDDI 電力系通信事業者
Television (CATV, Railway): ITSCOM, JCOM

The area coverage is limited for Electricity and Television provider. Telephone Provider has the widest coverage.

You rent cable from Cable Provider.

A Service Provider can help you rent the cable from Cable Provider. They do the work for you so fiber can at your home. They offer free ONU/HGE. Rent you router.

If you get a 1Gbps/5Gbps/10Gbps, make sure all your devices, cable, adapter can support the speed.

  • Understand maximum speed your Computer can support
  • Understand maximum speed your Phone can support
  • 802.11ac, 802.11ax, WiFi 6, 10GBASE-T

Your Service Provider usually rent you (wireless) router on a monthly basis (¥100).

  1. Where you live decides which provider is the best. So I cant tell you the absolute best Service Provider. It varies from area to area.
  2. Avoid Carrier unless a riduculous cashback/campaign is offered (> ¥100,000+)0
  3. Avoid NURO 光, Softbank 光1
  4. au光 is pretty ok
  5. Find the top 3 internet providers in みんなのネット回線速度
  6. Check on Cable Provider site among the top 3 who supports IPv62
  7. NURO光 min_faves:10 read some real reviews on twitter
  8. Check how transparent information is before you apply (more transparent, the better)
  9. Check easy it is to end the contract (easier, the better)
  10. Set Campaign maybe good if you are buying TV, Fridge together but they usually sell you with shitty Service Provider.
  11. You probably dont need any of the Option Services other than renting (wireless) router from them.
  12. Do check the spec of the router they lend to you.
  13. Avoid Television provider

There are Capacity Cap there per month, but usually the cap is reasonable so you dont need to worry about (E.g. 10TB per month).

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    But even so, can you really get that cashback? There are a lot of terms apply. You may need to apply 5 other services you dont want and you may need to complete the whole procedure in 90 days. Do read and understand if you can get them. For this mental efforts, not worth it IMHO.

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    I heard too many bad things

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    It is better they do. You dont need to know what is IPv6.