Current companies do something like this:

  • phone interview
  • technical interviews 2-3 times
  • onsite interview
  • offer

The technical interviews are the ones most criticized. It really can’t evaluate if someone will thrive at your company. I’m thrive under pressure or anxieties, but that’s the state I’m when I’m on the other side of interview table.

What would I want to be interviewed?

What jobs have I done? What kind of technical work I’ve been doing? If anything intrigued you along the way, dig deeper. What’s my strength or weakness?

I think as a developer, we spend lots of time reviewing colleague’s code daily. By giving us a code sample (either real or contrived) to review. You can see

  • How I leave comments
  • If I am kind and style of communication
  • How I dealt with style issues
  • What things I care

How will I solve a real problem? How do I articulate and arrive at the solution? What do I do when I am stuck?

But these are much harder than just throw a coding puzzle or typical algorithmic problems for the company, this definitely a lot more prepared work for the interviewers.