Investments in Japan

  • Get on SBI証券 with iDeCo, つみたてNISA, and their Net bank service to automatically transfer money from your monthly income to invest on SBI
  • Get a T-point (YAHOO) card and connect to your SBI
  • Make sure you open a 特定口座(源泉徵收あり、原則確定申告が不要), so SBI does all the paperwork for you
  • If you plan to stay here til age 60, invest full on iDeCo (¥276,000 per year)
  • Invest full in つみたてNISA (¥400,000 per year)
  • Doing both iDeCo + つみたてNISA will cost you ¥676,000 annualy
  • Calculate your monthly expense (cut them down to essentials)
  • Save upto 6-month essential expenses
  • Then from 30% of your monthly income, invest in these:
    • SBI バンガード S&P500
    • eMAXIS Slim 米国株式 (S&P500)
    • eMAXIS Slim 全世界株式
    • eMAXIS Slim 先進国株式
    • eMAXIS Slim 新興国株式
    • 楽天・全米株式インデックス・ファンド (楽天 VTI)
    • 楽天・全世界株式インデックスファンド (楽天 VT)


  • No Rakuten because I dont like emails and they seems not very trustworthy