HOWTO: Hotel in Japan

How to enjoy hotel in Japan.

First, book a hotel that has public bath0. Sometimes they translate poorly to SPA. Big place holding heated tap water (well, sometimes they add some stuff or bring the water from nature). But basically hot water.

Check in usually in afternoon (2 or 3pm). Drop everything. Head to Public Bath. Wash your body, then jump in for 10 minutes to let hot water take away all the busy, tiresome, pain from your body.

Then go to do anything you want. On the way back to the hotel. Get a カフェオレ or coffee milk sort of things. After came back from dinner, go to public bath. This time you do this after washed your body.

  1. In hot water til you are sweating and cannot handle the heat.
  2. Back to wash place, turn to coldest setting of water, shower yourself til all the heat are gone
  3. Back to 1.

Repeat about 10 times or 45 minutes.

Finally you can wash your hair and go back to your hotel room. Make sure to check when it opens the next day. Enjoy that coffee milk and lie down on the bed to do nothing!

The next morning you go to public bath again. Either do a quick 10 minute or 45 minute session.

People usually do this for at max 4 times a day! Morning, afternoon, after dinner, before sleep (usually public bath closes around 25:001).

I hope the public bath not just heals your tiredness, but also wash out your mind.

Get in ♨️ and let go.