Life is Short

Today I felt very tired. I have been working for 10 years. I have learned to live well is pretty hard. My time and energy are all spent on:

  • Try to do job well at work
  • Maintain some sort of social life
  • Exercise 3+ times a week
  • Eat within control and try to stay healthy
  • Cook some meals in the week
  • Get 7+ hours sleep each night
  • Creative endeavors
  • Try to contribute to Open Source
  • Keep living environment clean
  • Learn something new

I don’t know how any adult has energy after these. But still, I see many people are spending time/energy:

  • Office/Community Politics
  • Gossiping
  • Look down others
  • Argue with people
  • Hatred news
  • Violence

I don’t want to hang out / engage with any of these activities. So I never argue with anyone on the Internet. Recently twitter has been showing me more and more of the things I don’t want to see. Maybe I’ll pull the trigger someday.

I also feel life is moving in a faster pace now. The first 30 years were slow and happier? Happier mostly because naiveness not knowing enough things, and healthy due to youth. Now I know a little bit more things, and not as happy as before. Everyone I know at least suffer from something.

Life is really short and not everyone can be an successful entrepreneur, most of people are working as employees. That’s why people read books, watch movies, shows, listen to music. Because that’s ways to experience different flavors of life.