Living in Tokyo

A lot of restrictions being a foreigner: Visa issue for sole proprietorship, limitations of properties you can rent.

People are so kind. People always say once you live here, it is not the same, for me, it is even better! I never take a job in a traditional Japanese company, so this maybe why.

Food is definitely a treat. From ¥500 to ¥20000.

The public transportation is massive and almost always on time. I can’t express how much stress it removed from life that you can plan your everything with accuracy to the exact minute.

The tranquility of night although the city has A LOT OF people, like 35 million people.

Everyone puts so much dedications into their job. I have seen too many times a worker cleans up the tiniest dirt on the places nobody would ever care.

The services you can get. Watch this moving company documentary. All industry has such a high bar of service quality.

People are so happy. Ok. I know it’s fake. People have a lot of stress. But 70% of the people are all look like this video.

The bicycles are running on pedestrian streets. The amount of space you can get in Tokyo. The rush hours train are always, always too packed.

The wind blows my hanging cloth down to the ground.

The 2nd-hand smoke breaks in when I open the window wanting fresh air.

Learn the language. It is worth it.
Apply for High Skilled Foreign Professional Visa if you can.