Mental Inbox

Recently I am thinking about inbox, the mental one. I constantly think about multiple things in a moment of time. It is like you get many unread mails in your inbox. Watching YouTube on the left while writing on the right. Your head has multiple concurrent process running. I feel this is not healthy and it is getting more distracted and hard to focus on anything important.

Then I think about how to empty my mental inbox. One way to do it is to write all thoughts down. Like at here. Until I have no more things to say about something I think about. Then I will stop thinking about it.

Another way is to sit and let your thoughts flow around, until they are all gone. Usually something bothers me will show up. Then something else show up. Then I have once reached a very brief moment of empty. Which I think this is a good thing. The stage of zero. Is this meditation? I have no idea. But I am trying this recently every morning. Sit in any comfortable position. Let any thing goes by your head. Until I cannot stand it, then I’ll start my day. I haven’t seen any great thing happended since doing this.

How do you empty your mental inbox?