Morning Routine

Wake up. Checking phones for emails. Flip through the timeline on the only social network I use. Felt very sad about the world. What could possibly be worse than this to start a day like this? I want to remove this bad habit but I am struggling.

Get up. Put on cloth and pants. Open up window so air flows in. Put water in the Balmuda pot, set to boil. Restore items on my draining rack. Prepare the trinity of my morning. 3 pieces of Moka pot. Get coffee powders out.

Water should be boiling now. Get hot water to fill up the bottom chamber. Let the hot water wakes up the pot and hopefully it’s more clean. Throw away the hot water. Pour in hot water again. That is gonna be my espressos. Usually 2-3 shot cup amount for me. Fill up the funnel with the coffee powders. Seal it and put to cook.

I am onto next mission. Clean up a little bit of my room. Gotta do these small tiny quick GCs, so my room won’t pass the point of no return after a week. Prepared a glass of milk with few ice cubes. Now the Moka pot is making noises. Sounds like a winning horn for me that I kicked off the day successfully. Kitchen immersed with the fragrance of coffee. What an great invention by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933. Another day just getting started.

I’m usually enjoying my ice latte while learning some Japanese. Taking vitamin B2 and E after the coffee. This is my morning routine. What is yours?