Moved to Kyoto

On October 13th, 2020, I’m moving to Kyoto. I spent 3 years in Tokyo. I had many different experiences. Time for something new.

I was living in Ebisu, Tokyo. Next to Daikanyama and Shibuya. The number 1 reason of moving is to get closer to Nature. Other reasons:

  • I am tired of my current hilly neighborhood. I was looking for properties in Tokyo. There are not many properties are better than my current one in the perspects of location and functionalities.
  • The current situations in the world1 has changed life dramatically. I want a larger space if I am staying at home most of the time. To find something similar to what I am going to live in Kyoto, I need to pay 2x-2.5x more in Tokyo.
  • Kyoto is famous for its Water and Vegetables. Historical and beautiful.
  • I want to be based in Kansai (West Japan) and explore different areas from there more.
  • 9.27M -> 1.47M population changes.
  • 1

    Japan does not really have lockdown, but I lock down myself voluntarily.