One Meal is the Future

Definitely consult your doctor before doing this. Definitely do this from advices of professionals.

One meal. It is the future. I am not joking. It is the future after you turned 30. It is not for health purpose, although it is definitely healthy for me. Lunch is likely taking away 1.5h of your day. You gain some time back.

Lunch is such a boomer, you ate it. You’re now sleepy. It is an interruptions of your productive morning.

"Hey, should we go for lunch?"
"What should we eat?"
"I had hamburger yesterday"

It is the biggest distractions before COVID times. Even staying at home with yourself. It is also a distraction.

Lunch is a social norm and I’ve also been doing it for almost 30 years! Even now I still want lunch sometimes. Even two meals of light lunch + dinner make me fat. Well, I don’t exercise that much it is my fault. So I was searching for "lose weight no exercise required". And I found it. One meal per day!

I only do this because I am really sick of thinking about what to eat for lunch1 and the side effects of had lunch. Life has 2 kind of people, people who eat a lot and never gain weight and people who gain weight even just breath. Unfortunately, I am latter.

Skip breakfast and 95% of lunch.

After certain point in life, I don’t need breakfast2. I also do not want to prepare breakfast every single day. Going out to eat lunch in Japan is also troublesome. Best option probably Konbini but the food is not good. So breakfast was easy to skip.

I still do lunch if people invite me. I still occationally want to eat more food, but I keep them closer (1pm => 5pm).

I don’t have any hard rules or so. The general idea is you have certain amount of food you can eat without gaining weight. You can either use all of that in dinner or save in the days you’re feeling down.

The general rule is to only eat a full meal at dinner time. Healthy snacks in between is ok. Drink more water than you think you need. But 250-300cc at a time.

My day now is more or less like this: Water, milky drink (with expresso), water, maybe health snacks like tasteless nuts (no salt, no flavors), water, milky drink again, water and should be already around 3-4pm, which means I could probably have dinner now, no problem. After dinner I usally drink a Wilkinson Tansan Water.

Each day I have about 6x glass of water. 2x drinks I like (latte or chai). Maybe 1 juice if I feel like. 1 Tansan water. Oh by the way, I don’t really like alcohol so it is easy.

One meal seems to be 20-4 style fasting. There are a lot of fasting articles on the internet, but I really have no idea. I’m not following a particular fasting diet or eating only keto food.

I did do some research on fasting. But there are so many of them, so many rules, so many things to do and every one of them looks so promising. So I just skipped all of them and going on my own. I still study some but I think I’m good as of now and probably need to do some more restrictive fasting after I am reaching 40s.

No need to spend time preparing breakfast. No need to spend money on breakfast and lunch. Less dishes to wash. You’re advance in calories you can have in a day. You can eat 1.5x more in dinner compared to if you have 2/3 meals everyday. Lunch money can use for dinner money. You can eat slightly better food. Buying slightly better ingredients.

So far I’ve been doing this for more than 6 month. I have lost about 10-15kg. I exercise at most 3 minutes per day. I am really really lazy. Working great for me.

  • 1

    Asian people think about food ALL THE TIME.

  • 2

    Taiwan has amazing breakfasts and it is so affordable. $3 you eat like a KING.