Costly Quick Call

Is it based on hourly rate of participants?

Let’s jump on a quick call. It’s short, only 15 minutes. But it’s not, it’s an interruption for your focus attention, which we only have few hours per workday.

Meetings are usually 45-min long nowadays. A progressive company would default to 30 mins. Great company by default to 25 minutes. Even still, the cost of the meeting is a lot for people who need to do deep work.

Prior to the meeting, you think about it, you do some preparations, you really cannot get into something involved, so you browse through Slack, reading GitHub issues, checking emails, fill up your day to feel productive.

This tweet visualize the problem well:

If you really want to make each meeting count, it costs even more.

  • Clear agenda provided in advance
  • Happened with other meetings
  • Short

  • 1 on 1
  • Clarify when writing does not help

  • Avoid back to back meeting. People need a break for restroom.
  • Say NO to meetings you don’t need
  • Can this meeting be a writing instead?
  • Put meetings together in Monday and Tuesday