Reading Online

It’s hard to read anything online. It’s a turn off for my curiosity when I see Ads on any site.

This site wants a desktop notification. The subscription box is blocking the visible area. The footer has a accept cookie banner. In between the article there is a full width ad. You must sign in to read anything. You have 3 free articles remaining. Do you want to pay $5 to read this? They hijack my scrolling. The first scroll, page pops up a covering banner ask for subscription. On the way scrolling to the bottom, a box jumps from the left scared me first and want me to be a exlusive member? Ugh.

Good thing is we have Reader Mode from Safari and Firefox.

Our geniuses of minds are spending the majority of creativity on these things. Future generations will look back will be surprised what we were doing during this weird period of time. That web is not open and transfer knowledge from one another for overall progress.