Ruby Kaigi 2022

ruby Taigi 2022

I went to RubyKaigi 2022 in Mie~. It is 3-day, 2-track, 41 talks, Ruby conference in Japan.

All talks videos will be available soon on RubyKaigi YouTube channel~. Japanese talks will have English transcription.

Here are some notes.

  • ~3.2 preview released which will end 2.7 soon 😬
    • 3.2 will have WebAssembly support that Ruby can runs in browser and WASI that will enable Ruby runs better in other various systems
    • ~MaNy threads — Thread will have 1:1 mapping to Native Threads that will make switch/using threads cheaper/faster
  • error_highlight gem (default in Ruby 3.1, Rails has merged the change) will mark where exactly the error is. That Ruby 3.2 Exception#detailed_message will have this information.
  • ~TRICK 2022 is mind blowing that you can download programs in this repo and run it locally and see
  • Shopify investing making a generic ruby parser (get rid of parser.y) that all Ruby implementations could share and use — This twitter thread~
  • YJIT rewritten in Rust. MJIT rewritten in Ruby.
  • Ruby 4 is aiming to be as fast as Java/JavaScript in some scenarios @kokubun~
  • Ruby 4 will be possible to BYOJ (Bring Your Own JIT) Towards Ruby 4 JIT — BYOJ will mean it will be possible you could optimize a really hot path code with your own implementation: example~
  • ~ruby_memcheck can find memory leaks for gems with c extension
  • ~gems-rb-dynamic can generate RBS (type information) information dynamically
  • New debugger for Ruby: ruby/debug~
  • Rails 7 will have something built-in to integrate with service like Bugsnag (EdgeGuide)
  • ~String meets Encoding talk is amazing that she benchmarks/profiles and found String.split should not do encoding and made a Pull Request to Ruby
  • Matz keynote is roughly the same every year. Center around this joke: Is Ruby Dead? and how we keep progressing Ruby.
  • ~Falcon author claiming it is much faster than Puma
  • During this packet analysis talk using WireShark 🦈 the venue internet coincidentally down for 1h
  • 👆🏻 There was 2h internet incident at the conference from the upstream internet provider and staff work with them til 23:00-ish to make sure tomorrow internet is functioning #Thanks committers/hobbyist have a full-time job and improving Ruby #HugOps
  • Zendesk’s ruby_memprofiler_pprof gem (Not production ready)
  • Datadog’s Ruby profiler engineer Ivo had this backtracie gem that could make backtraces easier to understand and this gvl-tracing gem to understand what’s going on with GVL.
  • My friend and I helped a bit with Puma 6 (still in progress), since maintainer Nate is just next to me lol. But there is this refactor that kept failing in weird ways 😭
  • Evil Martians has an office in Osaka — you may have came across their blogs

Other notes

  • 1st day of conference my friend got food poisoned and we thought that could be COVID so we got tested (Negative) and I took care of him
  • So many Swags
  • I rode this HINOTORI train
  • I had Matsusaka SteakOverflow 300g!
  • All bentos are amazing
  • Love for Ruby +++; Wants to contribute to Ruby, Puma +++
  • I forgot Japanese people drink so much
  • 1st time in 3 years for offline — nice to see people IRL — Humans are REAL — Human connections are NICE
  • I met one of my favorite Rubyists Takahashi Masayoshi — Photo
  • During the conference, the city Tsu is very small and there is only one neighborhood that has 20+ restaurants, suddenly have so many customers wearing the same T-shirt and come to eat/drink A LOT. So since day 1, all restaurants started to abuse conference Hashtag, put a poster on the door to attract customers 🤣 A bar even made a dedicate "Ruby Highball" — Highball~
  • My after-4-restaurants-and-10-beers face ...
  • Famous Matsusaka town for Wagyu
  • My marketing strategy is to change my Twitter (Twitter is dominant SNS in Japan and tech community) avatar to have a Buildkite logo on shirt and the banner with our two main Products. A pinned tweet about the main thing I want people to try (The getting started guide~)  During the conference, I like people’s tweets from official hashtag and they may check my profile. Also when I talk to people I don’t bother than with pushing them to know Buildkite unless they ask. Because most of people are engineers have no say to change their CI, but be very nice hearing what they want to say and hope to plan a seed when they re-evaluate CI in the future 🤣 — I gained 25+ followers but I think no one tries our Getting Started guide because English is such a high bar for Japanese friends and conference is just very busy