Schemes to Avoid

Pay money now to get more money later — Nigerian Prince

Gregor MacGregor — Poyais — NFT

Raise the valuation up, sell at peak.

Examples: OneCoin, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency.

Also known as Affiliation scams.

By Charles Ponzi, double your money in 3 month. But he uses new investors’s money to pay old investors.

Examples: Bernie Madoff, promised to get you 15% profit.

Pyramid Scheme

You get pay if you get two more persons into this game. This relies on recuritment.

But Multi-level marketing is legal.

It is legal. You pay money for exchaning knowledge that will make you money. Testimonials from succesful customers. Sense of urgency.

Sell a future to you with everyone’s desire to get better at something. It is legal but...