There were many times in life that I was very stressful. I ate so much each meal. There is nothing can make me happy. Only food and beverage. I was 98kg.

There was a day I felt terrible. I went to the Emergency. My pressure was 180/120. Some crazy numbers like that. The nurse was telling me how could you still be alive. I was lying on hospital bed with intravenous therapy.

I watched people come and go. That bloody person got brought in. That bed has family members crying. That bed has family members sleeping and the patient was looking like he does not want to live anymore. I was laying there, alone. Watched all these happened.

Even after that, I still cannot stop eating and drinking (soft beverages, beverages with sugar). It is due to the special situations in my family. There were many many suicidal thoughts.

There were times I drove my motorbike without hitting break. Everyday I stayed outside til 1AM. I...