Please don’t take this seriously. Personal opinions. What everyone likes is subjective.

  • It is warm but not like Singapore warm. It does get cold from Dec - Feb. Humidity is high so makes you feel cold at 10C.
  • Win NT$5000 at airport (until June 30, 2025) — Register 7 days before arrival (NOT A SCAM LOL)
  • Airport to city has good public transportation for both TSA and TPE airports.
  • You can drink alcohol anywhere.
  • Use Uber in the city to get around. Use the slightly more expensive option ($3-$5 more per trip) and usually a Tesla Model 3 will pick you up. Cars from this option is usually more clean and they don’t talk to you (which is a feature I like).
  • Metro, MRT, coverage is great and clean too. No drinks (even water) inside station. You can buy a card or buys ticket each trip.
  • Food to try: Beef noodle, goose, 滷肉飯 (Formosa Chang chain is decent), stinky tofu (fried for starter, boiled for true lover), noodles (Danzai)
  • Food to try at Nightmarket: Stinky Tofu 臭豆腐, 豬血糕, 胡椒餅 (pepper bun), 潤餅 (burrito), 地瓜球, 豆花
  • Dont eat breakfast at Hotel!!!!
  • Breakfast. People eat breakfast outside. Try [Dan bing] (every western-style breakfast places sell them)
    Search 早餐店 on google map around you
    ham dan bing + raddish cake a bit burned + chocolate toast + iced milk
  • Breakfast: Chinese-style: Try 豆漿 油條 燒餅 飯糰
  • Lunch: Many places sell set lunch (can take out as bentobox), you get a main (meat), rice, some small dishes for $5-$8. 排骨飯、燒臘
  • Food to try with group
    • Go to a 熱炒 — a place you order each dish for $5.
    • Go to a Hotpot.
  • Snacks: 蔥抓餅 scallion pancake, 胡椒餅 black pepper pork buns
  • Drinks: 50嵐 boba chain, it is everywhere. 10% sugar and normal iced. The sweetness from boba will leak out after 5-10 mins.
  • Dessert: 豆花 is like tofu for dessert with toppings. Shaved Ice
  • Night market: Try not to buy fruits there. Over-priced and not very good. There is a brand new modern night market call 南門市場
  • Trip within Taipei: MaoKong for Tea. Elephant mountain taipei to see Taipei 101 and overview of city.
  • Day trip from Taipei can go to Jiufen, people always (mistakenly) connect here with spirited away. Take taxi from the city $35 USD / 50 mins.
  • Day trip from Taipei can go to 淡水. And walk to this place 天使熱愛的生活 and check Fort San Domingo.
  • There is high-speed train to go to Taichung (middle of taiwan), Tainan (south of Taiwan) in 1 - 1.5 hours.
  • Hire TaipeiEats if you need paid food tour
  • 黃記魯肉飯 Huang Ji Lu Rou Fan & Coffee Flair

Comfort food. Braised pork belly over rice.

  • 今大滷肉飯

Food: 雄記蔥抓餅 Scallion Pancake

Food/Snack: 藍家割包

It is like a streamed hamburger with pork belly as patty + some veggies for $2.5?

肥: fatty pork
瘦: lean pork
綜合: mix
綜合偏肥: 75% fat, 25% lean
綜合偏瘦: 75% lean, 25% fat

Then walk to 師大夜市 (Shida nightmarket) area.

Snack: 師園鹹酥雞

自由廣場 Liberty square. Famous for military police changing shifts. People practice dance there. The president was memorial of is questionable :p

Food: 金峰魯肉飯 (Lu Rou Fan)

Food: 盛園絲瓜小龍湯包 (Xiao long bao)

Food: 龍門客桟餃子館 (Dumpling House)

Food: 鼎泰豐 Ding Tai Fung

Food: 永康牛肉麵

Dessert:白水豆花 台北永康

Drink:SOMA 特調飲品 永康店


Food: 師園鹽酥雞 (西門店)

Food: 阿宗麵線 rice noodle

Food: 老天祿滷味


Breakfast. Go to Dadaocheng Cisheng Temple.

I hope everyone you meet will help you out of their way without asking anything in return. Otherwise, send me email for any question: [email protected].


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    Updates sporadically since I am not living in Taipei anymore. It has breakfast, cafe, food, massages, desserts, beverages, and fancy dining.

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    Western / exotic food are comparatively expensive / not authentic

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    They handle everything, and you can even use computer there with Free WiFi.

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    Hayao Miyazaki also denied this connection.