I have been using Telegram for many years now. I like it so much. The cross-platform login experience is great (iOS <-> macOS). The security is probably the best? The apps are snappy. The update merchanism is seamless. The native animated sticker experience. All great, all good. The secret chat and self-deconstruct messages are useful to quickly paste some credentials across devices.

I have created many private channels to collect things as a way to read later. I have a bot1 that will take in everything I posted from Telegram and compiled them into a weekly issue on GitHub. I have another group chats that stream in notifications from other services. All services on Telegram.

Telegram is the only messenger app I will check more than few times a day. I am sorry if I missed your message on LINE because I check them much less frequently and even when I check them, it is full of Ads and marketing-y things that I dont care.