That could have been a post

I signed up for YouTube Premium the first day it came out. Since then I have watched so many videos. So many. Literally. Many enough that I suspect that’s the reason why today I got a Google Nest Mini as gift from YouTube.

After I watched so many videos, I found that so many videos could have been a post. I do understand the incentive that they make it a video. At some point, I got so irritated by that-could-have-been-a-post video. I start to write some in order to prove that.

Writing is really not that shiny and polish compare to well filmed videos. For a lot of conference talks, that could also have been a nice long blog post. I sometimes convert my favorite into blog post, and that’s a lot of work. But spent 45 mins watch a talk that could have been a blog post also made me sad.

Video is harder to consume than text. But a lot of values also come from how the presenter present it. Your Elusive Genius would be a good example of long form writing cannot beat the video. If I would read instead of watch, I would not been that inspired.

Nonetheless, YouTube has been a key tool of my learnings recently. But after I watched same videos over and over, I would like a written form so that I can lookup quickly.