What I would Learn

I used to ask people: "What advice would you give for yourself before 30?". Now I don’t ask people anymore, because I passed 30 long ago. But now looking back, I would give:

Learn languages is a great investment of your time. It’s the fastest way to impress someone in person. Another language unlocks another door of culture and all possibilities.

The oral health is too important that you need to floss at least twice a day.

Now I finally felt myself can cook for something. It’s not that hard but it’s hard. It’s just I was young and did not put that much attention into it. Cooking is great. Healthy food is the fuel for your body to do anything. Homemade food is the best food.

To keep working and living a sustainable life. It’s important to work at most 8 hours a day, have 8 hours sleep to remain healthy and happy. Take 1 week off per quarter. If you manage people, you should tell your reports to do that.