Why I blog

I’ve now written more than 500+ posts. Although lots of them are listicales. My left command key is almost broken now. I felt great that I started to write more and constantly.

Now it is weird that the words seem to flow out from my fingertips. I just don’t need to think that much to write anything and I am so surprised that sometimes I can spell a complicated word right on the first try!

I used to be afraid of blogging because

  1. This seems too obvious that everyone knows
  2. I’m afraid of what I write is so naive
  3. About how other people think of my blog posts.
  4. My English sucks and some people did suggest me to relarn English

Now I overcome all that because:

  1. Something is obvious to me. But amazing to others
  2. That’s ok, need to start from somewhere
  3. There is an entire book about this: What Do You Care What Other People Think?
  4. My English is actually good and I can just ignore that mean person
  5. Ranked well posts have too many pop-ups and ads

  • Reinforce learnings. To reorganize knowledge help me clear out what I don’t understand and to put things together deepen the learning.
  • Writing scales. I constantly lookup something. Someone asks me something multiple times. I could just share the post and problem solved!
  • Utilize fragmented time. Now I enjoy writing when I have a 5 minute / 10 minute time. It felt productive and something actually came out.
  • Helping people. This is my hope and major part of my motivations that someone would find something useful.
  • Helping myself. To have a place to look up some things without millions of Ads pop up and asking me for notifications or hey do you want to subscribe.

  • Engage. I don’t have any way to engage with my readers (if any). There is actually a hidden comments function on this site. But I need to overcome the wall to post my writings on Twitter.
  • Newsletter. It seems everyone suggests to have a newsletter. Maybe I will set up one when I hit 1000 posts.