Write More

I don’t like to tweet anymore. I used to like it a lot. I wanted to get attentions. Update to friends. Show off great food I ate. Now I don’t like it anymore.

I like to keep things to myself these days. If I’m not telling anyone of the things I’m doing. That’s how I can find things that truly make me happy.

Also tweeting usually is shallow happy thing. Anyone with money could buy the food you ate, but making the food is much deeper happy you’ll get.

I switched to use a new font called JetBrains Mono. It is very fresh from the last font I was using for writing. Now I want to write more just to see how each alphabet looks like in this font set.

I am sort of broken now. Very hard to focus on anything. Scrolling through endless twitter timelines. Felt horrible but still doing it. Writing is one of the ways can make me focus now.

I’m planning to write more. A lot more. I love having something produced out in the world now. Writing could be my medium to interact with the world. A way to express myself.