YouTube Channels

First of all, get YouTube premium. Those Ads time is not worth wasting. Or install AdBlock. But I’ve never used AdBlock so cannot recommend. YouTube has become my most important teacher of things. I dont need to go to a place to know about a place. I can presee what will happen if I do something. I can triple confirm a recipe with world-class performers.

Following are YouTube channels I’m following.

I like her DIY and positive vibe.

Web Designer (remote) life at ConvertKit.


ITZY—One of my favorite KPOP group

maru 마루—I’m trying to learn Korean watching her vlogs

ANNnewsCH—Every morning and evening to catch up with situations in Japan also this is my comprehensible input for Japanese learning

ANA Global Channel—I like ANA and good to learn Japanese

IKKO’s Films—Fancy restaurants eating reports

Pablo fromTOKYO’s Japan Day in Life Series

noga radio

국가비 GabieKook—I like her one-pot til the end Italian recipes

Winnyoops위니웁스—Barista’s Vlog, sometimes I turn this on and do something else feels like I’m in a cafe...